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Lovely Head

But what will become of these ashes? He was all blue-eyed and dough-faced, having been pummelled by cyber bullies and real-life bullies for most of his early life. I told him that everything lives on, because that's what you tell children, and because in this particular case it was the truth. Fictitious Jesus parables about unleavened bread and undead cave hideouts occasionally strike some form of warped relevance. Death and re-birth and the blinding optimism that comes with new days are difficult concepts for young minds to grapple, so we merely tell them that this is what it was and this is how it will be from here on in. And they believe us, because that's what they're naturally good at.

Here's a fresh start from former No Art-er, Vivian Huynh. Oh, pleasant little gun-jumper am I, as that 'former' tense isn't relevant until around 11pm this evening when the band officially hang up their boots, instruments and boots shaped like instruments. And what they lack in suitable rock footwear, they more than made up for in devilish haunts, swirling melodies and other magnificent descriptors.

Lovely Head exists in a similar space, minus some of the additional fanfare and slithers of grandeur, most probably attributable to that fact there's 66.6% less physical substance than the ashes it was cut from. Surprisingly, however, the more stripped back framework creates an even more powerful encounter.

Download Lovely Head's debut Motion EP for free over on Bandcamp. And come to Black Wire this evening to enjoy one of Sydney's finest on their final lap around. And refresh this page and wait for the highly anticipated debut from Pants, the magnificently-named new project also featuring Huynh and fellow No Art-er Trischelle. And, of course, No Art Charles is now got his Big Dingo thing off the ground, which we're reliably informed is more based around "golf and cricket", rather than rugby league. Standing corrected.

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