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Polaroids Of Androids


Low Life

We joked about it and then these cunts went and did it.

Maybe there's some legitimate value in the idea that Ross is just a swirling, complicated mess, or maybe they're just taking the piss and throwing us all curved balls. Either way — cunts, right? Unfavourable four-letter arrangements, but here it's all fitting, as that somewhat despicable descriptor is apt for these guys. They're kinda hard to like, but more from a practical sense that anything else, being that they've got a terrible reputation for cancelled shows and unreliable release schedules.

But then, akin to the impact of their bluntly-delivered lines about the junkies/scumbags/pollies that run Sydney, they're debut LP, Dogging, arrives. And it's eight truthful tales of this gutter-dressed-like-glitz city, beautifully encapsulated over at Mess 'n' Noise by our/your mate, Max Easton.

Dogging is part of a trio of new releases from R.I.P Society — along with M.O.B's self-titled debut and the new Rat Columns LP. Grab 'em all via the R.I.P Society web-shoppe.

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Low Life


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