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Polaroids Of Androids


Megastick Fanfare
Good φer

My HTML entities research tells me that the title of this song translates to Good Phi-er, which, unless the Megasticks are referencing this Youtube user, is a playful phonetic reference to "good fire". While these two words together conquer up ghastly visions of your ex-gal-pal and/or TLC torching your childhood home, together they're a positive union, ie. "that's some Good Fire mate" and/or "did you hear that new DJ Khaled song? Damn that's some good fire" etc etc etc.

And this song is right up there. Sure, it's no DJ Khaled remix, but it bubbles in a similar manner. At least as much as the Busta verse.

FARK, that new DJ Khaled remix, right....??

Great Fire.

Sorry Megasticks. We'll make up for our sidetracking right now with a little plug for your remaining album launch show/s — tomorrow night (May 26) at FBi Social and Friday at Otis Bar in The Wooly Gong.

AND you should also get your mits on Megastick Fanfare's debut album Grit Aglow, which features Good φer and some other ones as well. It's out now via Other Tongues.

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