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Polaroids Of Androids


Stand Clear

All your one-pagers are now single line promotional summaries. Our 21st century attention spans has compacted them into easily swallowable single sentences, our ears unable to digest and define as required because of a series of modern ailments including (but not limited to): the inability to enjoy 50% of the PBJ spread, a complete distrust of gluten substances and, most importantly, a poisoned acceptance of naturally mixed influences and the untraceable origins they're attached to. Nowadays we're much more comfortable with just replication and reenactment and, when all else fails, reverb.

So, when that solitary sentence is "a compound of kraut beats, synth swirls, house tones and a pop habit", it's understandable that you stand there and scratch your cranium, trawl through your back knowledge (read: a series of Wiki page searches), attempting to compute how these conflicting elements might converge. And, more so, how they would do so with any respect for logic. Wonder no more...

Mezko is Kat Harley (Border Thieves, The Golden Age), Oscar Wuts (The Seaport & The Airport, Border Thieves, Letterbox Lambs) and Laura Bailey (former bands?). Stand Clear features on the latest Skydreams compilation, High Spirits, available now as a free download via their Bandcamp.

Catch Mezko in the Good God front bar tomorrow night (Thursday), headlining the new/free Solarium night. More details here.

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The Seaport and the Airport
Border Thieves


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