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Polaroids Of Androids


Multiple Man
Boiling Down

A world of endless oceans and flooded scenes featuring diplomat discussions of converting this Warming Planet tragedy into profitable pennies. An apocalypse, made even worse by the consistent greyscale of the pitiful surrounding environment. As though, amidst all the suffering, we forgot about the value of Red, Blue, Green and their infinite number of potential combinations. Regardless of your level of hope, this future looks bleaker than Memphis on a hazy, smog-suffocated, weed transportation day. Any day, as it turns out. One hit away? Alas, all that 'mantra' has given us is a pathetically thin and transparent veil of hope, even though the inevitability of the situation, tomorrow's panicked perspective, seems to be rolling forward regardless.

Here is a snapshot from this traditionally-viewed future destination. It's machine arm's working in a unified manner of destruction, running at double-pace, out-witting and out-planning the creators of the world. Single-purpose mechanisms that are ignorantly performing their programmed duty without a care for the emotive responses of those they're obliterating.

Boiling Down features on the Guilt Culture 7", the latest release from the Brisbane duo, which is available now via Detonic Records.

Official Sydney launch show will be happening on Thursday, April 10 at The Square, with guest spots from Brainbeau, Video Ezy and Seating Plan.

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Multiple Man


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