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Polaroids Of Androids


N. Martin
Grassy Knoll (Tiger Snakes Part Two)

Hang yourself on the hills hoist mate/s. Next to your suicide note, which is really just a crudely drawn sketch of That Girl from the shops that gave you a tugboat behind Coles a few weeks back. And broke your little heart. Tears and Jizz in your King Gee shorts. This is bloody Australia. Suburban days, melted esky ice and those Cicada Nights where sweat dries and feels awkward like a back-alley flick of the wrists. Saved temporarily by Southerly cold changes that come bursting through like an angry wife at the pub looking for her wandering Hubby.

Been sitting on this one for more than a minute, probably closer to a decade if we're being Really Real. But you know, just like the Newcastle Steel Industry, this is forever. Newky (aka the unofficial cultural hub of Australia from 2007 to forever) is the place where N. Martin currently resides. Lake Munmorah if we're trying to be accurate. The perfect partnership of latitude and longitude for over-sleeping in bungalow dwellings, late night Television time-wasting and, of course, penning small poems of The Everyday and graciously massaging them into musical conversations with the help of just himself. And some acoustic strums. And the odd clattering rhythms.

Grassy Knoll features on N. Martin's brilliant new EP Clean & Jerk, which is out now via Less Talk Records and available as a free download via their Bandcamp page.

N. Martin will play his first ever live show this Friday with Charge Group, Valar and Aleks and the Ramps at The (brand new) Gate Warehouse space in the north western suburb of Artarmon. More info and tickets here.

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