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Polaroids Of Androids


N. Martin
Surfin' Da Rate Of Occurrence From The Safety Of Yr Futon (Lounge In Yr Room)

My favourite poem (the only poem I really know) is about flying around the entire world and then realising all you need is right here, right next to you, dribbling warm fluid onto your shoulder as you watch another classic episode of NYPD Blue (Project Runway All-Stars). That's kind of what N is dealing with here, grappling the small snippets of life that make existence not worth terminating. Simple things. An entire planet minimising into twelve square metres of your own shared filth, a safe refuge hosting frequent debate over the increasingly sloppy writing of your favourite show, communicated perfectly through a simple, yet beautifully sombre, toy pop tune.

Lounge In Yr Room is just one of the many highlights from Marty's new album, Square Eyes, a concept record dealing with his lust/hatred of free-to-air television. Download it for whatever-ya-like over on the Less Talk Records Bandcamp.

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N Martin


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