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Polaroids Of Androids



A brilliant lil' Friendly Battle El Royale (Spanglish for Bloodthirsty Death Fight) between politely soothing Marcus whale sounds and horribly fugly data-scrambled DOS attacks. You know, it's (kinda) like gently rubbing out your ones and zeros until they all look like daffa-dildos. Vice versa or two sixes or plenty of half cousins.

Landscapes features on Nakagin's recently released debut EP, Elsewhere, which is available for free over on his Bandcamp. Yeah, I see that big "this costs a dollar" link as well, but I also opened "me bloody eyes, mate" and found the little Mediafire earl nestled down in there. You do the math.

Nakka Nakka Flame will be launching the EP tonight (Thursday) at Tone with assistance from the Collarbones boys (DJ set only!) and heaps of other local bedroom-electronic-whizz-kids. Heaps more details over here.

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