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Polaroids Of Androids


Naughty Rappers Collective
Pimpish Behaviour

That little "press shot" above will probably trick your little instinct nodes into thinking the Naughty Rappers Collective (NRC) is merely the solitary, introspective work of a Bedroom Thought Prophet, a rapper moulded from that disturbingly cleansed early-90s era of chains-made-of-daises. Thank your cue-tips that pictures lie and the truth is a much more pleasantly offensive space, closer aligned to the left-coast, Doggystyle tongue-in-cheek misogyny from around the same time.

But who are the NRC?


Truth is, the mystique surrounding the NRC is about as thin as a Durex Fetherlite Ultra, and at least 40% sexier. The group/posse consists of ringleader SPOD, wordsmith Conrad "Keep It Green" from Richard In Your Mind and production parts of Fishing. A slippery ensemble.

While they've played a bunch of shows around the place for the past year or so, Pimpish Behaviour is their first proper (read: mastered) track. Hopefully plenty more linguistic filth is on the way. Watch this space.

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Naughty Rappers Collective
Richard In Your Mind


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