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Nickel Eye

Nickel Eye

We know this bit of info has already done more laps around the internet than a Photoshopped pic of Jess from The Veronicas BUT we thought we would still chuck it out there and give it a bit of a mention.

For those living under large rocks and/or listening to nothing but SLAYER for the past few months, Nickel Eye is the name of the new side project of Nikolai Fraiture from The Strokes.

The group operates under 'almost supergroup' status as it also features special guest appearances by Nick Zinner (from the Yeah Yeah Yeah's), Jack Dishel (from Only Son) and Regina Spektor (from Speko And The Jambots).

The band's debut record, The Time of the Assassins, doesn't have a fixed release date at this stage, but if the track above (one of two played recently on Mark Ronson's radio show) is anything to go by, then we think that it could be hotter than UNCENSORED naked pictures of Albert Hammond's Jr.

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