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Polaroids Of Androids


Greg and the Fox

Imagine Charge Group being tragically crushed by a steamroller. Actually DON'T. They're great and don't deserve Death. Instead, let's picture Dead China Doll in the tape deck of your beaten-up ute as you roll through Some Mining Town. The tape is slightly worn and warped from excessive usage. It's a metaphor for Life. The sweltered heat is beating down on you like everything that Brooke Satch Well deserved, weakening and making every tiny movement feel like it's the equivalent muscular strain of building the Townsville Pyramids. Life is brutal. And Nikko are the fucking soundtrack.

Greg and the Fox features on the group's debut album, The Warm Side, which is available now from all semi-decent record stores.

The group kick off their promotional tour for the album TONIGHT at The Excelsior in Sydney. They'll also be doing an afternoon show at Black Wire Records in Annandale on Saturday for those who want to prefer their music with a side of Sunshine. The complete list of the other dates on the tour are up on their MySpace.

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Townsville needs to build a pyramid.

1 decade ago

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