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Polaroids Of Androids


No Art
Kids In Place

Ok, so this is some of that haunting, midnight in the forest, Jesus and Bloody Sonic Youths re-up? I'm picturing moody scenesters looking down at the ground through their silly avante-garde haircuts. Dark jeans, black, perfectly warn-in army boots and maybe long black Ksubi tees — depending on which side of the bridge they were call home.

Oh, hang on a sec... urgency, wailing, a thunderous guitar riff, building tension, some light Math Rocking and... a children's choir?

Too many Sydney Band's sound exactly the same. Far too many take the Safe Road. Even though there's an air of familiarity to their sound and a handful of noticeable reference points, No Art throw so many interesting idea snippets together they couldn't possibly sound mundane or, heaven forbid, cautious. This boundary-less, collage approach serves them well on Kids In Place, their latest single (and best work so far), which will feature on the trio's forthcoming debut EP.

You can catch them playing all around town over the next month or so, including an unmissable show tomorrow night with Bare Grillz (who are probably the best band in Australia right now, no homo), as well as a month-long residency at World Bar and a confusing show featuring Rat Vs Possum and the delightful party machine SPOD.

Saturday, January 29: Lansdowne Hotel
w/ Bare Grillz + Luke Bacon

Friday's in February: MUM @ World Bar
(supports TBA)

Thursday, February 17: Rumble @ Goodgod
w/ Rat Vs Possum and SPOD

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