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Octopus Pi

Update (28/11): launch details.

Local warehouse party hosts, Octopus Pi, have now branched off into the lucrative world of making and selling records. Their first release is a compilation entitled WHATISPSYCH, a whos-who, whats-what of the local Sydney psychedelic acid/absinthe world, recorded straight-to-tape (fuk digital mate) at St Peters' Megaphon Studios and available now in all your favourite formats — digital (huh?), vinyl and deluxe (featuring hand-made screen printed 1000% unique sleeves). Head over to their Bandcamp to spend your hard-earned pay cheques and/or tease yourself into the purchase by streaming the whole thing below.

Octopus Pi will also be hosting a double-night launch thing on December 14 and 15. Save your dates.

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