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Polaroids Of Androids


Oscar Key Sung
It's Coming

One more chardy. We told the babysitter/dogsitter/catsitter we'd be back about one-ish. Legally, that little "ish" stretches out time until about 11am. Day bars. Proudly open from 7am on weekends. I'll have a bacon and egg roll and another chardy I guess. Heard there's gonna be a new Oscar Key Sung single tomorrow morning that'll solve all the problems we're creating here. His silkiness will mellow out the pain, not unlike riding a dolphin through a sea of endorphins. A saviour. This guy.

It's Coming is available as part of a double a-side download (partnered with an equally magnificent cover of Miguel's Sure Thing) over on Oscar's Bandcamp. Catch him officially launching it next next Thursday (the 30th) at FBi Social, with support from Jones Jnr and Tim Fitz. Pre-sales available now.

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Oscar Key Sung
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