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Polaroids Of Androids



Being real isn't just the name of our favourite Cypress Hill cover band, it's also a fairly solid Life Tip. Here, we utilise that advice in a few distinctly different ways. Firstly, this isn't as good as Palms' last offering, This Last Year, aka the angsty power pop punk tune to end all angsty power pop punk tunes. Why are we even trying to end that magnificent genre mate/s? Secondly, the song is about Love. The title states that quite clearly. There's no George Bush Beating here. Even if he did just order (another) drone attack on The Being Reals because of the "classified" "material" found within the lyrics of Throw Yer Set In The Air.

Thirdly, Palms have just announced a label deal. Sellouts. Seems like hardly anybody these days still presses their hard-earned sweat and tears onto cassette and distributes the disgusting, excrement-drenched product out the trunk of their Impala down at the Compton Swap Meet and/or Glebe's Notorious Saturday Markets. Keepin' it close to reality, just isn't a thing anymore.

The band's debut LP, Step Brothers, will be out Friday, August 30, via new Spunk side-label, Coconut Tuff, a mini/new label run by Adam "Loose" Lewis from the Radio/Nightclub Scene. Pre-orders up now at The Spunk Shop, tracklisting below.

  1. In The Morning
  2. Love
  3. Don't be Ashamed
  4. This Last Year
  5. A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again
  6. In My Heart
  7. You Were Mine
  8. Summer Is Done With Us
  9. Yours Mine
  10. End Of Forever
  11. Far Gone

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