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Polaroids Of Androids


This Last Year

Being a couple of years older than most of the Sydney musicians I admire, it's inevitable that we occasionally fall out of sync. Bradshaw and The Slutty One had the same revelation that one time and it was (understandably) fucking heart-breaking. But chin/s up sport/s, because life has a filthy habit of mimicking Classic Television Moments and when we get back on the same page the bond is always stronger than ever. We violently cheers our twelth cosmo of the morning, blow another mortgage down-payment on some Blancos and revel in the comfort that we've got our wingmen/wingwomen back by our sides as we fight through The Game Of Life.

Palms are reflective now. Just like I was about eighteen months back. Examining the ins-n-outs of existence, taking an inventory of self-worthlessness, getting a little bit angry/angsty/bitey and searching for some sort of release mechanism. The only notable difference being that instead of competitive cage fighting, Palms have gone for the far safer (and mildly more artistic) outlet — music.

Not one to shy away from outlandish accolades, This Last Year is undoubtedly the band's best song to-date, almost certainty the best thing Al "Alfred" Grigg has been involved in during his post-fringe era and worthy of it's current position as The Best Australian Song Of 2013 Other Than Avant Gardner.

Go and see the band play this song (and probably some other ones) tonight at Good God. The show kicks of at about 11pm so it's entirely possible you'll be able to leg it from Petersham Bowling Club in time.

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