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Polaroids Of Androids


Cunt Hold Us Down

"I'll bet my fame on it".

This silly statement burnt Lil Kim badly (see her series of emergency plastic surgery jobs over the past decade) and, although her bold sense of bravery/stupidity should be praised, it was these twelve little words from her verse on Christina Aguilera's 2003 feminism anthem Can't Hold Us Down that ultimately destroyed her once illustrious career.

Let's hope that Sydney lad Peon (aka John Hassell from electro-skatterbrains Seekae) doesn't follow suite. His debut record Aston Dilla — presumably an ode to his favourite football team (Dillafield FC) and his favourite mid-20s crooner (Aston Martini) — is a brilliant start/stop adventure of silver skittery space sketches, golden computer glitchery and re-bronzed hip-pop songs, such as this gloomified version of Can't Hold Us Down and an equally hacked-apart edit of Say My Name.

Aston Dilla is available right now as a FREE download via Mediafire Records. There's also a whole bunch of similar mixes over on the ONEOFFOUR Collective website for those that are digging this like a booty-heavy-babe at the crate store.

And to save you a You Tube Voyage, here's the original version of Can't Hold Me Down...

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This album destroys!!

1 decade ago

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