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Polaroids Of Androids


Per Purpose
Bathing Suit Sand

Often/almost always, song titles are just pointless metadata entries, used solely to satisfy the classification warlords who furrow their unkept mono-brows in the direction of those who have no desire/time to attach labels to their creative output. Evidently aware of this unnecessary conformity, here Brisbane-based instrument players, Per Purpose, assign the unwelcoming activity of retrieving beach dirt from inside your swimming trunks and gooch strip.

Thankfully, this song doesn't attempt to musically encapsulate such unpleasantries, instead locking itself in for a quiet afternoon/evening at the local alcohol-dispensing tavern. All loaded up on celebratory pleasures at it's commencement, the scene hastily begins to slowly crumble down into a menacing cock-eyed stare down. All confident and drunk and threatening, there's that unmistakable — and completely indecipherable — glair in the eyes of the 3pm swiller. Hard-as-fuck and hard-to-read, he's steered away from a regretful climax, talked down by the steady hand logic of a re-assuring female friend.

The Bathing Suit Sand 7" is available for pre-order now via Bechamel Records, the new side-bitch to O.G, Pop Frenzy. Sydney launch will be happening Friday, April 4 at The Imperial Hotel, Erskineville, in the Cabaret Room.

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Per Purpose


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