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Polaroids Of Androids


Would You Believe

It was probably 2006. Probably Spectrum, maybe Candy's Apartment. He was most likely sandwiched between two shit Sydney bands that were attempting to squeeze that last bit of something (it wasn't life) out of the whole dance/rock fusion mix that was popular in New York a decade earlier. Time delays. He was probably invited up from Melbourne on some Forum Mate no-pay deal. No matter, it was perfect. 2006. We were all (still) pretending the main thing we were searching for wasn't "pop". We hid it well. He hid it better. Under a thick blanket of blips and riffs and noise. Credible. But we heard it, never spoke about, just instead discussed the amazing amount of detail and "conflicting elements". Bought the Forceback EP. It was packaged in paper, probably. Homemade. Nice and indie/DIY, feeding our need to feel detached. Then we probably smashed a Jager Bomb and called it a night.

Would You Believe is much cleaner and far more precise than anything from that night. We're all done masking our intentions. It's still just pure pop music though. A tad nostalgic. Yet still re-configured into it's own form, this time with the over-accented Ozzie Drawl purposefully distanced it away from safety. Still bloody awesome.

Grab a free download of this one (and then buy the whole back catalogue) over on his Bandcamp. Presumably, Would You Believe will feature on his forthcoming, seven-years-in-the-making debut LP, which we've been told "has been recorded and is awaiting release".

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