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Pusha T
No Regrets + Nosetaglia

Hip-hop week continues here at Polaroids Of Raproids. Sorry for the wait. Worth it doe, as here's a coupla ice-cold cuts pulled straight out of Pusha T's long-term meat fridge (read: his loooong overdue studio debut), My Name Is My Name, which is out next week. Or right now if you're fortunate enough to be on Kim Dot Com's Xmas card list.

First, the Hudson Mohawke-produced track, Hold On. A stark beat not too dissimilar to Bonny Iver and Kanye's most sexually explicit Twisted Fantasy. And yet at other occasions it's a full platter, sounding busier than Ricky Rosco during the last minutes at the last Sizzler in the Southern Hemisphere (Princes Highway, Kogarah). Speaking of which, Rick guests on the song, alongside some of the wackiest drawn-out vocoder action since Cher's last mixtape.

Part 2 of this Split Sundae Fridae is the video for the latest single from the record, Nosetaglia, which surfaced earlier today via NPR. On this one we learn that T cares heaps about megapixels, is a victim of fairly bad allergies and has the same amount of respect as us for KRS-One (in his legendary Bronx-4-lyfe days, before he became a born-again Christian). We also learn that old mate Kendo, who adds a verse to the track, is still in a league of his own with that animated linguistic sheet. Whatta bonza cunt.

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