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Rat Columns
Another Day

Often the case. The first steps have that guitar pop slightly construed, clouded under layers of purposefully confusing clatter. Like some form of distorted memory, vaguely recreated from an incomplete picture. Nick "Shocking Pinks" Harte is the immediate reference point for that, frustrating the listener to a point with the suffocation techniques applied to the sickly sweet simplistic notes. Hand-in-hand with this sense of insecurity or apprehension is the tactic of disguising this within the comforts of an "us", when the functionality of the extra personnel is solely to successfully transmit this solo work in a live setting.

Eventually, and somewhat thankfully, the associated sense of shame is dropped and the pop shines through to a more dominant position.

Rat Columns is a project headed-up by a guy named David West, who hails from Perth, San Francisco, Lace Curtain and Total Control. Another Day features on the forthcoming LP, Leaf (out "soon" via R.I.P Society), the follow-up to the fantastic 2012 debut, Sceptre Hole.

Rat Columns will make their debut Sydney performance at this Saturday's R.I.P Society 5th Birthday extravaganza and (rightfully so) are now probably at the top of your keen-to-catch list. Probably don't expect the release of playing times, so best just to get down there at the 5pm commencement. Tickets over here.

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Rat Columns


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