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Polaroids Of Androids


Riff Raff
Now They Mad

They probably mad [sic] because they were just informed that there's already a fairly successfully, multi-tweeted rapper called Riff Raff. And while a touch below his visual weirdout benchmark (ie. Time), this is still Riff "Jody Highroller" Raff in all his Batshit Hills 90210 glory. Someone put the phrase "Going Shannon Doherty" on a t-shirt and sell it on Etsy already. Related: this.

But beyond all that "dude is on some spiked Vitamin Water" shit, this is actually a really fantastic, unstructured, balls-in-the-wind song. I'd even go as far as to say "banging", if you/me thought I could pull that off.

Got Them Mad features on Hologram Panda, Riff's new mixtape with Dame Grease. Down it for the cost of some Social Engagement over on Live Mixtapes.

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Riff Raff


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