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How 2 Make U Cum

Ten years ago, Arthur MacCarther stand-in, occasional stand-up comedian and full-time Facebook Lobbyist, Matt Banham, penned a song about ejaculation. And love. It was recorded by his band No Through Road and was the biggest radio hit that summer (in Adelaide) with radio shock jock "Dools" labeling it "cheeky". In January of 2003, you couldn't swing a life-size doll of Gotye (he's only four foot tall) without hitting someone humming the opening bars of "that Cum song".

Luckily, time heals all wounds — including those nasty head abrasions inflicted on poor little Gotye when someone accidentally hit him in the cranium with a slightly better looking, less irritating version of himself — and now future ARIA Hall Of Famer, ROMI!, has remade the song, adding the much-needed splash of panache that was for some reason overlooked in it's first incarnation.

To add more useful trivia to your brain — this is also a video remake. The original video of the No Through Road version featured someone you used to know (a friend of Matt's called Nick, maybe you know him, oh you don't? ok) playing the roll of Matt Banham. The video was never publicly released because it exploded. Because nice things in Adelaide always die. And it was created using archaic video tools.

How 2 Make U Cum features on ROMI!'s new album Sweat&Regret, available now via Bandcamp.

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