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Polaroids Of Androids


Sarah Blasko
Fool (Seekae Remix)

You miss the boat once and it's unlikely you'll get an offer to jump into a helicopter, bungee down from the chopper legs and triumphantly land on that aquatic device again. When Sarah Blasko burst onto the scene millions of moons ago I was an anti-angelic deviant, staying up late in sweaty punk spots wrestling members from my favourite bands to the ground, obnoxiously pigeonholing "those Blaskers" as just misled suburban girls with polka-dot dresses and 'indie sensibilities', walking and talking versions of that Victoria Tourism advert about knitting.

These sentences are my boat hijacking. Sure, Seekae add the credible lifeboat, the (arguably) required blips and blaps that drag this one from a quiet heartbreak moment into a despairing sense of hopelessness, onto the midnight streets searching for any form of salvaging comfort. But Sarah's own emotive response shouldn't be overlooked in itself. She plays the role of grieving partner well. Annoyed and unsettled, mostly aiming inwardly as she pushes against the speckled composition that attempts to calmly retreat her frustrations.

For your reference:

The complete Fool package, featuring this remix, the original and a re-working of I Awake by PVT is available now via iTunes.

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Sarah Blasko


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