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Polaroids Of Androids


Trials Of The Past (featuring Sampha)

Even though the artist metadata field might attribute this one to mysterious masked producer/remixer SBTRKT, vocalist Sampha is the shining light. Right from the get-go he soulfully tears it open, cutting through the scattered keys, deep bass grinds and mild dragnet g-funk organs with his chillingly crisp vocals. If the passion here doesn't at least run a mild jolt of electric blues up your spine then you might as well hand in your Human Registration Card mate/s, cause you're Straight Outta Bill Compton.

From SBTRKT's self-titled debut, which you can stream in full now on his website. In stores from early next week.

And (because it's Friday and we all need a Lil' Bit Extra) here's an amazing live performance of Trials Of The Past, recorded at Abbey Road Studios...

Full video of that performance here.

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