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Polaroids Of Androids


The Best I Can Be

The two finest minds of our generation — Sebby Corporation and Batshit Boris — sat down and glued their undamaged brain sells together. The task before them was simple enough. They needed a song that captivated a nation. A composition so epicly loaded with grandeur that it immediately diminished all memories of rioting Banksy supporters and Linford Christie's exceptional (un-steroided) groin region. Powerful enough to rise a nation, strong enough to crush their enemies (the sun never sets, oh why doesn't the bloody sun ever set?) and muscly enough to strike fear in all of those daring to challenge the Queen and/or Fredrick Mercury. The choices were aplenty. Welsh bands mostly, including decent offerings from recent-dubstep converts, Muse, and longtime junglestep pioneer Tommy Jones. Not Lee. After all Wales has no room for multi-fuking-culturism, it's all about baggies and haggis and chains that kinda looked like Goldie. But instead of siding with any of these obvious choices (or any of the numerous left field entries from Sporty Spice, Red Spice and Gary Halliwell) Seb and Boz decided to unarchive the iconic 1982 dance track from the former Empire slave colony of Australia — The Best I Can Be by musical legend Secrets. A song more loaded with inspirational ammo than the trunk(s) of an Oz swimmer making a quick stop off at a shooting gallery. And/or some reference to Flo Joe and her obvious prolonged drug usage.

Soak it up. And then do one better and soak it up again. In the flesh. As you can catch Mr Secrets making a rare live appearance tomorrow evening (this Friday) in the former Olympic city of Leichhardt. He'll be playing alongside Hence Therefore (Simo from Intentions) and Ghost Songs. Everyone will be bronzed (tanning salons on Parramatta Road!) but who will take the top spot on the podium? Tune in and/or plug in baby.

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