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Shocking Pinks
St Louis (featuring Gemma Syrne)

Despair is definitely an under appreciated genre. And there's those that angrily remove their beer-soaked party shirts upon it's mention, sulking under the metaphorical rain-shower that's now effectively cleansing their disgusting hawaiian-pattern parade outfit. Urgh, fuck them, for their blessed with some sort of unique human condition that allows them to push past obsessions with mortality and the overwhelming believe that's no foreseeable improvement to the situation.

For the rest of us, non-pods, there's this...

St Louis is the third little bite-size piece (proceeded by Not Gambling and What's Up With My Girl?) from Guilt Mirrors, the forthcoming triple LP from Nick "Shocking Pinks" Harte, his first release since the brilliant 2007 self-titled compilation.

We don't ordinarily don't control-v straight from the presser, but this...

On February 22, 2011 a magnitude 6.3 earthquake ripped apart Harte's home town of Christchurch, New Zealand, killing 185 people. While the death toll was relatively low compared to earthquakes in Haiti or Turkey, the earthquake completely ravaged the city, flattening the town area — and damaging Harte's recording studio. With it's local economy and infrastructure in tatters, Christchurch's dynamic musical community evaporated almost overnight. In nearly complete isolation, Harte remained, painting his windows black and recording for multiple days in a row without sleep. The songs recorded during this time were some of his most desperate, conceived as an attempt of self-therapy.

The Guilt Mirrors trilogy is set to be released digitally on February 18 via Brooklyn label, Stars & Letters, with the vinyl details expected to be announced shortly.

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Shocking Pinks


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This just made my life.

7 years ago

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