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Simo Soo
I Smashed My Face (Collarbones Remix)

Simo Soo is that kid from your old neighbourhood who would do everything you didn't have the balls to do. You didn't even really have to ask him either. He was already flying off the homemade duct-taped-and-plywood bike jump, only wearing his speedos, before you even got a chance to get to the double dare stage. And while most of the time he was an intense hyperactive lunatic, stealing soft drinks from your fridge, spitting at your dog, selling you Ritalin, setting your Nan on fire - he was still your local A.D.D kid and every gang needed one of them, to destroy mundane suburban everyday boredom if nothing else.

On this remix Adelaide/Sydney duo Collarbones attempt to sedate Simo slightly and the battle between the hypnotic dungeon raping and the suffocated/tortured vocals makes for an incredibly uneasy/awesome head-fuck. It features on Soo's internet mixtape, Twenty Ten 4eva!!!, which you can download (for a donation) from his Bandcamp page.

Simo recently announced that he'll be heading overseas this year. Before he does so, however, he needs a few extra $$$ to get him set up. In addition to buying his mixtape, you can also buy some of his unwanted records, DVDs and homewares at a garage sale he'll be hosting this Saturday (January 15). There'll also be some mild boozing and live performances from Simo, Big Dumb Kid and Snout Cassette. Full details at this Facebook event.

The SS Hyper Love Ship will also be docking in at the Excelsior Hotel next Thursday (January 20) for a special fundraising show, with support from Intentions, Big Dumb Kid and A MYSTERY SUPER SPECIAL HEADLINER. Watch this/that space.

AND (not to be completely outdone) Collarbones will also be playing some shows over the next month or so:

Saturday, January 15: Kipl, Melbourne
w/ Super Melody, Wintercoats and The Townhouses

Friday, January 21: Hardware Gallery, Sydney
w/ Alps and Mere Women

Saturday, January 22: Excelsior Hotel, Sydney
w/ Hello Satellites, Melodie Nelson and Anna Chase

February 26: Format, Adelaide
w/ Like Leaves and The Church Of Hysteria

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Simo Soo


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