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Polaroids Of Androids


Simo Soo
Weed + Pizza (featuring HTMLflowers)

Successful Internet collaborations despite our failing national broadband network, Kenny Powers references, a standout line about being "high like a mudda phucking glue stick" and a sampling of that Weekend At Drakes groove (with all those tears replaced with years and years of life's true passions — hydro and prosciutto). If you're looking for more out of your Friday afternoon then you're just a Bloody Dreamer.

From Simo's new LP, People Are Animals, available now for whatever-you-like-dollars over on his Bandcamp. He'll be launching it tomorrow night at Red Rattler with help from Buzz Kull, Option Command, It's Science!, Maatzi and Hence Therefore.

While we're here it'd be damn foolish to not throw some words down about the increasingly awesome material floating out of HTMLflowers' world recently, most notably his latest track, Windsitting, and the Brothers Hand Mirror EP, a collaborative effort with Oscar Key Sung from Oscar N Martin, which was birthed towards the end of 2012. Both well worth your monthly allotted download credits.

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Simo Soo
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