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Polaroids Of Androids


Cash Grab

You can scream all you want when you're trapped/nestled in the Mountainous Ranges Of Australia, eating dingos for breakfast, squirting poison berries into the pupils of your Best Mates, burning British back-packers to stay warm. "You eat dingos for Breakfast?". Sure, and there's no need for those delicate, city-slicking garden-fresh herbs, so cut your latte fingers off and fist yourself a triple whiskey, hold the rocks, Diet Ginger Ale and pleasantries. And that's the world of Snakeface's music. It's middle-of-the-woods shit. Cries of anguish more blood-curdling than the deathly screams of those murdered Yorkshire hikers, head-thumping riffs four times bigger than the surrounding cliffs and a deep, thick darkness only occasionally shattered by the piercing headlights of a deranged Land Rover.

Snakeface features members of Parades, The Middle East and the Jonathan Boulet Variety Hour. Their new album Oberon, named after the rural Blue Mountains hotspot it was recorded near, will be available digitally from Monday (April 2) via Arrest Records, with the physical release expected sometime in May.

The band are also playing a handful of launch shows in April:

Friday, April 20: 29 Hythe St, Adelaide
Wednesday, April 25: Oxford Art Factory (Gallery), Sydney
Friday, April 27: Between The Walls, Brisbane
Saturday, April 28: Fusion, Sunshine Coast
Sunday, April 29: TBC, Byron Bay

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