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Taste The Radness

It's been 19 years since Jay-Z hung up his microphone for the 3rd time, 45 years since Nevermind was released, 152 years since the last remaining Beetle, George 12 Strings Harrison, stabbed a home invader and was jailed for an eternity. Feeling old yet? Well, try this Melon on for size — SPOD's Taste The Radness was released (exactly) ten years ago today. And whilst a lot has changed in that decade (why are we wearing these melons on our heads?), there remains but one solitary constant — listening to Taste The Radness will cause glitter to leak from your pits, flora/turf to sprout from your chesticles and you'll be automatically transformed to a destination in the Sydney Region where the second digit of the postcode isn't zero.

To celebrate the conclusion of the decade-long party, Spud has decided to give away a FREE DOWNLOAD of the brutal "four track version" of Taste The Radness. Head your browser pointer over here to cop-a-zip. Don't dordle though, Lord Spod is expected to max out his bandwidth credits by tomorrow.

Being a true celebrator of the Dragging Shit Out marketing ploy, Spoddles will also be releasing a "proper" 10-year anniversary version of the record this Friday (October 4) via Rice Is Nice. The re-package will also include 7 bonus tracks, specifically for the kids who forget to drop during the intro. Coincidentally, this Friday is also the iCal moment where sPod will be launching the release with a rare performance at the Sailor Jerrys pop-up bar in Kings Cross.

To round out this global 380 degree marketing vision, there's also a documentary in the works, covering all aspects of the record's cultural, global and sexual impact. It's expected in Blu-Ray players sometime later this year, early 2014 or mid-2018.

And here's a trailer of the doco to; a) prove it's existence, b) moisten your eyeballs...

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