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Staunch Nation
Summa Crusin'

Our unpublished prediction from 2009 that Lad Wear was going to have a big impact on the Sydney Fashion Scene finally seems to be breaking into the office supply closet, grabbing all the glue sticks and getting a solid buzz-on outside the local offie. And whilst that last sentence is clearly a metaphor for "coming to fruition", what's not yet clear is what will be the accepted musical accompaniment for this renaissance. Those kids in matching Nautica wind-breakers in the alleyway near my house shooting their debut Oddly Like Odd Future skate/rap video? The magnificent minimal punk "I could 'ave you" attitude of Sleaford Mods? Those DMA twats with their fake accents and their plagiarism of All The Gallaghers? Nope, maybe and let's hope not.

Because it really needs to be our own take. An Australian perspective. Slow-motion activities based on 420 dreams of better things to be doing and the accompanying 42 degree day that's currently doing it's sporting best to disrupt all your magnificent plans. A half-paced lifestyle, by choice and necessity. And, coincidently enough, moving at the exact same speed as the chemical compounds of The Clag Cum that worms it's way up through your brain matter and into your frontal lobe.

This is the debut (premiere) viddy from Staunch Nation — a new Sydney-based project that's self-described by one of the founding members as a "breeding field for our skewed aussie hip hop alter egos". Loads more accompanying visuals over on their Tumblr and (hopefully) loads more stuff on the way.

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