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Polaroids Of Androids


Stolen Violin
Short Cuts To True Love

Dragging itself up off the ground, wiping down the dirt and pig shit and the rest of the junk the Townsville Red Earth uses as top soil from well-worn denim trousers. Slowly something we can describe as "life" forms, feet are found and construction begins, right in front of your ears. Intentions become clarified as the intensity builds (like a beat, bitch) and quotable lines about dead flowers, lost wisdom and bullets through dust/dusk are cleansed (gently), becoming clearer as Mr Violin escapes his instinctual insecurities and begins to confidently escape. Short Cuts To True Love is the opening track on Temperate Touch, Tropical Tears, the debut solo LP from former Middle Easter, Jordan "Stolen Violin" Ireland. And it's a perfect introduction.

Temperate Touch, Tropical Tears is out now via Spunk, available in digital format via iTunes and vinyl pre-order (which also comes with an immediate digital download) at the Spunk Shop.

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Jordan Ireland
Stolen Violin
The Middle East


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