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Street Talk
Jack (demo)

Always gonna go with Realism over Commercialism, Impressionism and Pre-purbertyism. Not intentionally trying to cross-promote this with my other blog, Polaroids Of Artroids, but when a song's metadata is telling you the associated album is called iPhone 22/8/11 then you best expect something rougher than an afternoon partaking in the ancient ritualistic game of Gutter AIDs Roulette. Proper $2.12 Reality Cheques (spoiler: they're gonna bounce mate/s). Yeah, shout that fucking catchy chorus over the diabolical drum shattering, plough through the verses of barely audible one-liners ("seeing something on TV"..? and maybe a sneaky half-a-dozen sly Simpsons references) and top the whole thing off with some chaotic calamity finale. And just like Billy Joel talking to his seventh olive-free dry matinee — "I wouldn't have it any other way".

Street Talk are a new-ish Sydney band, consisting of approximately 66% of Dead Farmers, Mia aka the sister of Daniel Dead Farmers (The Tall-ish One) and Del The Funky/Infamous Homosapien/DJ. I caught them open for Whores a few weeks back at Red Rattler and they were fucking Ace. Make sure you get out and see them sooner-rather-than-never. In fact, you have two Golden Opportunities to do just that this weekend — tonight at Peloton Gallery (25 Meagher St, Chippendale) and/or Sunday at Ching-a-lings. They'll also be playing at the inaugural/unmissable Passing Strange show at the Oath Gallery in a few weeks time, alongside The Fighting League, Raw Prawn and Marf Loth.

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Street Talk
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