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Polaroids Of Androids


Summer Flake
Run Run Run

Summer Flake is the alter-ego of Stephanie Crase, who we last heard from a coupla blog years ago singing on that terrific new Matty Banaahahhahaham song. Stephie (do you mind if I call you that?) is from Adelaide [Australia] and has been in more bands than you've been in Baked Dinners. Ya filthy little perver. Some of those din-dins include Batrider, Hit The Jackpot and No Through Road. She released her debut self-titled EP earlier this week, and it's available as a free download via her Bandcamp. To say it's "well worth the bloody bandwidth" is comparable to saying something like "I'd fuck a turkey pretty hard" (a real no brainer).

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Summer Flake
No Through Rd


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