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The Fighting League
Bat On Ball

Dommy Death says: "tropical is dead". He goes on in the email/Facebook message/postcard to talk about the cooling climate of the planet, controversial scientific data and how fashion outlet General Pants have ripped off his entire mantra. Aligned with this is the recent press statement announcing that The Fighting League — once the uncrowned champions of Canberra, Tropical Punk Music and Canberra Tropical Punk Music — have now decided to re-write their mission statement to include the phrase "cold climate punks".

And here's the introduction, drawing a straight line connecting the harmless activity of Knocking Up A Tonne in a solid four-hour backyard cricket innings with the complexities of romance, "communication" and moving on. Everything is better than before. Break-ups are fresh starts, knocking it over the fence is six runs and a solid pat on the back from your mates is all you need. Sometimes. But you're still definitely out.

The new Fighting League album (tentative title = Iceberg Paradise) is expected to be frosting your meat storage sometime in The 2013.

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The Fighting League


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