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Polaroids Of Androids


The Fighting League
Pizza Man

Canberra's The Fighting League have been crushing bitches and skulls and your "no dancing at a rock show" policy for about 3 years now. As the reigning kings of the much-raved-about Tropical Thunder Punk Sound, their music pushes forward with the kind of rudeness normally reserved for the political punks of The Capital Hill. Their live show matches their musical intensity — a sweaty, messy and shirtless affair. The kind of affair which you tell your partner about because it's just too incredible to keep locked up in your Memory Punk Wank Vault.

Pizza Man is from their looooong overdue debut album, which Dream Damage are going to release later in the year. Before that they are planning to (maybe) release a new 7" and play heaps more shows.

Speaking of shows, The Fighting League will be playing at a little party we are organising NEXT WEEK at the Oxxxxford Art/Dream Factory, alongside Dead Farmers, The Nugs, Marf Loth and Karoshi. More info and a NSFW drawing here.

FYI, for those playing along at home, this isn't a cover of Dead Fucking Last's Pizzaman that featured on Arturo Kripy's They Goat, They Dance punk podcast.

BUT that's a pretty good song in it's own right...

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The Fighting League


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