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Polaroids Of Androids


The Grates
Turn Me On

If life and tastes and long-term relationships were reduced to a simplistic venn diagram then the big circles of Triple J and Polaroids Of Aperoids would cross over for about 12 millilitres. In that small space there would be The Grates, a band we've lovingly watch make the difficult transition from playing to 50 people in vacant dodgem car buildings to performing in front of billions at every arena, theatre and stadium from here to Williamsburg. This point of agreement is Rare As Fuck considering we're bitter old men, who hate most things when they become even slightly popular with mainstream Australia while, on the otherside of the equation, The Jays really like Silverchair.

Turn Me On is the first little nibble off the group's new album platter, and it's a bit of an unusual choice for a lead-off single/signature dish. Chock full of a similar bitterness to our own distaste for the current state of Australian Music Media, it finds the band taking a blunted axe to their cutesy pop-based, Sarah-Blasko-with-a-Black-Flag-ankle-tattoo style, snarling with attitude, rather than taking their regular path of simply hacking little chunks out of the edges.

The song premiered on Triple J last week (because you're legally obliged to do that). The new album, Secret Rituals, is due be released on June 17 via Dew Process.

The band are going to be celebrating the album release with a quick lap around the nation:

Friday, June 17: Bakery Artrage, Perth
Saturday, June 18: Uni Var, Adelaide *
Friday, June 24: Oxford Art Factory, Sydney *
Saturday, June 25: Corner Hotel, Melbourne *
Friday, July 1: The Hi-Fi, Brisbane *

* with Guineafowl and Big Scary.

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The Grates


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