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Polaroids Of Androids


The Hold Steady

Go down a man, come up a king. But, regardless of your imperial status, be sure to stay numb. Or at least distracted. With all this recent talk of monarchism, we forgot to check has-it-bloody-leaked.com for the daily dose of countdown clocks next to the words 'Hold Steady'. Pause your petitioning for Our King Of Spin to be immediately inducted into the queen's collection of Dead Set Legends. Sir Shane will live to be a hundred at least and continue to look 24 years young 'til the day he "sticks his key in the dirt" — so what's a few more minutes. Five and a bit even.

A worthy/temporary distraction from the current political puppet show. And, as is often case with The Hold Steadies, an equally valuable therapeutic companion, at the very least for the world minimisation. Everything that matters is right here, there's no need to turn to those political puppets on our television transmitters. "Heartbreak hurts, but you can dance it off". Yeah, let's just do that.

Spinners is from The Hold Steady's new album, Teeth Dreams, out now internationally and locally next month.

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The Hold Steady


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