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Polaroids Of Androids


The Paper Scissors
Held Down Threw Up

It seems inevitable these days that artists arrive at a point of exhaustion. Tired of beating their fists against the unwelcoming doors of the local taste-making radio station. Tired of sending company-wide emails guilting their work colleagues into attending their show. Tired of seeing the same work colleagues, girlfriends and creepy stalking fans at every show. Tired of chasing Something. Tired of being set aside for younger, less talented cunts with cool hair-styles, plenty of do-anything energy and not even a slither of animosity towards the Music Industry. Yet.

But don't get it twisted my friend. This — for lack of a better label — 'bitterness' often bleeds into creative nonchalance, which in turn often internalises the process, leading to output more focused on the artist's own creative ambitions than the pressures of the surrounding world.

The Paper Scissors' frontman Jai Pyne sent this song with the attached description - "we don't give a fuck and we wanted to get back to what we enjoyed about music - making it and having fun and giving it to people to listen to". The band have moved a long way from telling people they prefer to not walk* and this song casts a wide creative net across triumphant rock trauma and space-age tropicalia, yet Pyne's passionate delivery brings it all back into their world, bringing the ambitious musical adventuring into a more sombre, personal and, above all else, believable focus.

Held Down Threw Up features on the band's new (appropriately titled) FREE EP, which will be available to download via their website on May 21 (next Monday). You catch them launching it the following Thursday at FBi Social with assistance from Tasmania's Tiger Choir, who will also launching their new album Unicycles.

* In Loving Memory is still probably the best local album of the past few years that we somehow didn't find time to review. Public Apologies.

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The Paper Scissors


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