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The Preatures
Better Than It Ever Could Be

We met above The Cricketer's Arms. I had no idea there was even an upstairs bit, but it was relatively quiet — limited background chatter being a requirement for the microphone of this water-damaged iPhone. They'd asked me a week earlier if I'd like to interview them and I'd agreed, because "content is king" and they obviously thought "any publicity was decent publicity". But they never needed it. That became apparent right from the outset. They were brimming with self-confidence and assurance. They were nice and yet unable to mask their ambitions. They knew they would cut through, they just needed time. And that one song. Not long later that song was released. It was called Is This How You Feel, it featured in television commercials and smothered the airwaves. A definite hit. A fact solidified over the weekend, with a radio station naming it the 9th best of 2013.

But, personally, Is This How You Feel is a tad too sexy for my pallet. I like my music awkward and insecure, constantly retreating. Or at the very least arching up in defiance, rather than strutting and shooting off sultry glances like they don't mean anything. Better Than It Ever Could Be is powered by a similar jolt of confidence — a key attribute of the band's style — yet replaces the swaggering, late night, collar-up moves with a more optimistic, naive sense of hope. It's cheesy-as-fuck pop music and I feel kinda dumb and filthy for liking it. It's clearly aimed at charts and end-of-year lists and sync payments, but it's also completely unashamed of that fact. A fucking guilty pleasure, in the best possible way.

That interview went unpublished because I was under-prepared and my questions were dull and shit. The Preatures continue to be one of the biggest Australian bands (of the moment). Think of the ongoing hits. In all respects.

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The Preatures


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