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Polaroids Of Androids


The Smith Street Band
Ducks Fly Together

Let's fall in love. An encouragement, as though we're trying to convince everyone. Including ourselves. That inner-monologue bloke is heaps more determined than the pesky, unconfident, self-doubting outer-self. He's not quite confident enough to stand in your way though. If you need to go, then go. Let this relationship be separated by seas, mountains, large masses of land and substantial numerical differences between both latitude and longitude co-ordinates. There's an element of romanticism in the notion that our segregation is beyond the realms of human control.

From the band's forthcoming 10" EP, Don't Fuck With Our Dreams, out August 9 via Poison City. Pre-orders happening now.

And, before heading overseas for the rest of 2013, the band will be doing another complete lap around the country:

Friday, August 9: The Old Bar, Melbourne
Saturday, August 10: The Old Bar, Melbourne
Thursday, August 22: Rosemount Hotel, Perth
Friday, August 23: Prince of Wales, Bunbury
Saturday, August 24: Adelaide Uni Bar, Adelaide
Sunday, August 25: Karova Lounge, Ballarat
Wednesday, August 28: Brisbane Hotel, Hobart
Thursday, August 29: The Zoo, Brisbane
Friday, August 30: Great Northern Hotel, Newcastle
Saturday, August 31: Annandale Hotel, Sydney
Wednesday, September 4: Transit Bar, Canberra
Saturday, September 7: Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Overseas dates also up on their website.

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The Smith Street Band


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Can't. Even. Deal. With. This.
Ducks Fly Together is amaaazing.
Thank-you TSSB.

7 years ago

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