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Polaroids Of Androids


The Strokes
Two Kinds Of Happiness

Yeah, I fucking love Springsteen too. The shaking hips, the boy-from-the-wrong-side-of-the-world swagger, the industrial age decay in every word. His music speaks volumes. Sure, every volume is about New Jersey babes/trash-bins and getting drunk under water towers, but they also mean so much more than that. They're about riding into the wind on a stolen/borrowed motorbike. Armageddon days. Except the world isn't ending and you're just running from another unplanned NJ pregnancy. I've think we may have mentioned all of this before.

Two Kinds Of Happiness is my current favourite track from Angles. Sure, this is mostly because it reminds me of all the brilliant U. S. Of Who Gives A Fuck Aye attitude of The Boss, but also because Cassyblanks sounds like he actually believes in what he's doing. Not since the band's career highlight, Room On Fire*, have we seen Jules convey such a genuineness in his delivery. * Yep, let's start that debate.

Angles is out now on Mediafire Records, with the International release expected in stores from next week.

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The Strokes


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