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Polaroids Of Androids


The Strokes
You're So Right

Casablanca's signature Dull Life Perspective is especially heightened this time around, with the New York Fabio sounding genuinely nonchalant about the whole episode as he sulkily switches from repetitive, undetermined chanting to a bored drawl so staggered that it almost grinds to a complete halt on more than one occasion.

But this only places a stronger emphases on the music, which is clearly the dominate force here. The short-n-sharp steady Juiceboxy rhythms lay the ground work, bookended neatly by the calmer, more settled moments and the restrained guitar breakouts. There's also an underpinning element of robotics, not only with the cleanliness of the delivery but also in the immediacy of the switch between grandeur and subtlety. There's a level of complexity and unpredictability here also that immediately makes this song sound very un-Strokes. Personally, if this the creative direction of the band's new record, Angles, then I for one am excited about what other violent twists and turns the band have planned.

You're So Right is the second sneak peak from Angles, following on from the more joyous (and much more Textbook Strokes) first single, Under Cover Of Darkness.

You can stream the rest of Angles right now in 30 second snippets, which were cleverly heisted from the iTunes presale page. Presale orders are expected to be ready on March 16, about a week ahead of the record's official release date on March 22.

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