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Polaroids Of Androids


The Townhouses
Faithful (Common cover)

I've been meaning to 'chat' about the "wide spread ocean sprays of majestic tranquility" of Melbourne's The Townhouses for a while now. Sonic. Nah, not Kemp The Hedgehog. That fella could dunk though, right? Think he was sub-six-foot too. No, The Townies have a real sonic depth to their sound. Yeah, that's a cliche. And so is layers, which these guys cuntloads of. More than a really badly organised PSD.

Even though this is a cover/re-edit of Common's Faithful the trio still find plenty of room to vomit their beautiful soothing drone in every nook and granny. So much so that, aside from the short cover of the hook about two-thirds of the way through, it's actually hard to find too much of the original track. Correct me if I'm wrong but the main little skipity vocal snippet that's utilised throughout the song is actually the David Chappelle intro from The Food, another Common song entirely (although from the same album). Anybody with better ears or a greater sense of clarity or inner-knowledge on this please holla.

This is taken from the brilliant mixtape, Open Minds 3: The Hip-Hop Edition, compiled by those legends over at Flashlight Tag. The compilation, which also features Collarbones, Guerre and Mickey Brown, is available as a free download from the Flashlight Tag Tumblr.

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The Townhouses


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I can't see myself getting sick of these guys. Absolutely beautiful sound.

1 decade ago

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