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Polaroids Of Androids


The UV Race
Girl In My Bed

Left to grow mould in my to-do pile for the past month (apologies), this right here is The UV Race's FIRST EVER viddy clip. 1000 grams of sexxyness. As expected.

And here's a story (with some facts!):

When I originally found this video, I also noticed that The UV Race had a brand new 7" out called I Hate You. While down at my local record emporium purchased that piece of Music History I was informed by the friendly Clerk that: a) Girl In My Bed is from their forthcoming new LP (due out early next year); b) the 7" I was buying was their best shit yet (later confirmed) and featured four news songs (but not Girl In My Bed) and; c) the band would be returning to Sydney in January to play some shows.

I Hate You is available from Repressed in Sydney and Missing Link in Melbourne.

The band are currently just finishing up their massive US tour. Full list of remaining dates here.

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The UV Race


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