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Polaroids Of Androids


The UV Race
Inner North

Hey mate/s. I know you've got the Friday Blues. Nothing to look forward to except getting Peer Pressure'd into taking a tonne of horse fertilizer and raving from now until Sunday afternoon. Just in time for Nanna's Roast. Urgh.

But it's not all Doom and Gloom. Let us — and Melbourne ruffian skalliwags The UV Race — guide your through the Agony Minefield.

1. Listen to this...

Yep, that's MAYBE the official clip for the song. Really? Wow. Either way, it's in your head now. Like that Hipster comedy tram song of 2010 but a lot more relevant and a shitload more enjoyable.

2. Get down to your local record store (Repressed Records at Newtown) and get yourself a copy of The UV Race's new LP Homo, which is now back in-stock (as of Wednesday). Support local businesses and local musicians. If that's not enough of a reason - it's pressed on "beautiful Urine Yellow" vinyl.

3. Go and see The UV Race playing tonight at Red Rattler with Bed Wettin' Bad Boys and Holy Balm and/or tomorrow night at Betty's Soup Kitchen on Oxford Street with Royal Headache and The Fighting League and some other awesome bands.

4. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you're eyes bleed out from excessive visual stimulation and/or your wallet gives out from excessive purchasing.

5. If all this fails, go back to the original plan of hoofing silly amounts of UK Raving drugs up through all of your available orifices with your Nanna. You sick fuck.

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The UV Race


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