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Polaroids Of Androids


The UV Race
Lego Man

This song was released about six months ago. Fresh? No. BUT in our defense - the 7" that it appears on is fairly hard to hunt down outside of the group's hometown of Melbourne. Damn you Melbourne folks! Always trying to keep the good shit to yourselves.

This song is sloppy, near-perfect garage punk rock and to top it all off it's all about a man who is made out of Lego. What more could you possibly want?

For Sydney folks looking to get their hands on the 7" (no homo) there should be copies available at Repressed Records in Newtown. Alternatively - and for who reside outside of Sydney and Melbourne - you can try and contact the band via their MySpazzzz or hit up Aarght! Records with desperate pleas and/or 'dirty promises'.

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The UV Race


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I want to be a lego gf...
Flipout.. yes!

1 decade ago

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