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Polaroids Of Androids


The Wrens
"cut Pre-C V's as Of 7/2/14"

We were already positively frothing over the (long overdue) forthcoming Wrens album and then this morning the band posted this little 56 second offcut on their Facebook page and our brains exploded attempting to compute exactly how good the record will be considering this is the kinda stuff that was discarded. Fuck.

From the band themselves...

[..] this is one of the better 'hey, it's done' parts but the song it's in was already 9:00 damned eternal minutes and the album opener. It was Kev's notion to try skipping this and although you can't tell out of context, the song does work MUCH better now.

The band continue to guarantee the record will be released done this year.

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The Wrens


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