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Polaroids Of Androids


Thigh Master
Gab Cab

That other one has been floating around for a little bit. It's basically just one big Hook. To the face. Which, according to The Media, is what you're 100% Guaranteed to get if you go for a quiet, post-work shandy in Sydney's Notorious Binge-Drink-Murder Zone. You'll know if when you're there — the entire area is highlighted red and your face will be getting pummelled by a Stereotyped Roid Rager. And it's after 10pm so you kinda had-it-coming.

"My other song is a pro-cheap-wine fight anthem" reads the sticker, proudly paraded across the back of the talkable transport vessel, your solitary option as that clock strikes three and the inn-keeper kicks you to the metaphorical and proverbial kerb. And you don't mind the constant mind-numbing chatter, because at least you're being safely whisked away towards home. Speaking of comfort, cuddle up next this fucking toe-curler...

Goon Punch and Gab Cab are the two contributions by Thigh Master to their split cassette with Martyr Privates, available now via Tenth Court.

The Thigh Masterers will be leaving their comfortable non-Police-state Brisbane abodes and heading down the Right Side of the country this weekend. (ps: stoked to see Rat King back out-n-about)

Friday, January 24: Hamilton Station Hotel, Newcastle
w/ Rat King, Mope City, Whitney Houston's Crypt

Saturday, January 25: Clarence Hotel, Petersham, Sydney
w/ Ruined Fortune, Beef Jerk, Video Ezy

Monday, January 27: Tote Hotel, Melbourne (afternoon show)
w/ Velcro, Nervous, Orlando Furious

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